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Your tax consultant

Jeffrey van den Bosch
Tax advisor

Jeffrey van den Bosch studied fiscal economics at Hague University of Professional Education (Haagse Hogeschool). In 1998 he became a certified tax consultant of the Council of Tax Consultants. He began his career in 1981 with the tax authorities.

Jeffrey is an all-round advisor to entrepreneurs, directors/major shareholders and high-wealth individuals alike. Besides preparing tax returns he supervises ruling companies and advises on standing right agreements.


  • Tax
  • Tax control framework/horizontaal toezicht
  • Tax accounting
  • Preparing tax returns
  • Online accounting (FicsBook)
  • Preparing annual accounts
  • Bookkeeping


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Your bookkeeper


Martin Flink

He has got experience in processing various administrations in Twinfield and working with the online document hub Basecone. He can support clients with setting up their administration in Twinfield and help them how to work with Basecone.

Beside all that Martin can prepare VAT tax returns.

So if you have questions about processing your administration or the use of Basecone please don’t hesitate to contact us.




Twinfield is part of the Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting division, the global leading provider of tax, accounting and audit information, software and services. Originating in The Netherlands, Twinfield has grown to be the European market leader in the area of online accounting.

Online accounting via Twinfield means flexible accounting, with a range of subscriptions to suit both small and large organisations. Twinfield also ensures efficient, secure, real-time data exchange between clients and administration or accountancy firms. Because Twinfield works as a web application, users can access and exchange financial reports online anywhere and anytime via a secure internet connection.


Basecone is your own document hub. Upload and organize your documents easy and organize them, but also lookup, authorize, book and process invoices easily to various (online) Accounting Systems. Process invoices to an ERP of Financial System? Not a problem, uploading your documents and receipts has never been this easy. Anywhere, anyhow, anytime. Take a picture of your invoices and receipts and process them immediately in your bookkeeping. All invoices and receipts can be found on your smartphone, anytime, anywhere.

For Basecone, real time is one of the most important aspects. Uploading your documents and have them available immediately for whatever action you would like to perform. Our integrations with both online and offline applications are near to real time. This provides you as a user the best experience and best efficiency gains.

Seamless. This is the best way to describe our integrations. We integrate with Online Applications such as Twinfield and Exact Online, but also with offline application such as AccountView (VISMA). Always delivering a real time experience and seamless integration.